Back to the Routine

Wednesday August 12th

Here is a list of a few things I found interesting about Turkey that I never got around to posting.

  • Very hilly terrain
  • Some foods take less time to cook everything here (probably because of the altitude)
  • Eskisehir is beautiful (it is amazing how much of a difference a few trees and flowers can make)
  • Paper towels are seldom used
  • The bread is a home-made wonder (we can’t call the processed wheat we eat at home bread)
  • I love the sour pomegranate sauce they add to salads
  • The word hospitality is taken to a whole new level here
  • Both Turkish toilets (squat toilets) and western toilets can be found most places
  • Clothing is NOT conservative here (this might just be because I am in a college town)
  • White lines on the road do not indicate one way traffic
  • When people finish eating they rest their spoon off the edge of the plate instead of placing it on the plate
  • They make juice out of every fruit here (they have pear juice, cherry juice, apricot juice, peach juice, etc.)

Everything went back to routine today. I went to school at 8 am for cross country practice. Our seven mile run was exhausting but it was refreshing to see so many familiar faces. I spent the night at a bon fire with some friends talking about the things I had missed the past two months over delicious s’mores. I realize how much I appreciate the little things now, from having clean water to my mom making food for me.

I would like to end this final post with a huge thank you. Thank you to the World Food Prize Organization and Ambassador Quinn for giving me the chance to represent our country in Turkey. Thank you to the CIMMYT staff for introducing me to the depth of the issues of food insecurity. Thank you to my lab members and the interns for making me feel so at home and going out of their way to show me Eskisehir. Thank you specifically to Sevil Hanim, Ekrem Abi, and Ümit Bey for making me laugh for two months without any breaks. Thank you to Joe for introducing me to your project and listening to my nonstop talking.  Thank you to Dr. Amer and Dr. Gul for guiding my learning experience the past two months. Thank you to Lisa Fleming for helping me through various airport mishaps and for checking in on me throughout the internship. Thank you to my friends for staying in touch with me though I was thousands of miles away. Thank you to everyone who was reading my blog and following up with me about my safety by sending me emails and calling me throughout my stay.

It has been a wonderful 8 weeks. So long Turkey, I hope to come back soon.


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