A Weekend of Packing, Fun, and Goodbyes

Sunday August 9th

Much of yesterday and today have been spent packing and cleaning my room. Last night I went to the city with some interns and had a great time walking along the riverside and eating with them. After weeks of no rain, the sky finally opened up and left us drenched. (The pictures below were taken before the rain)

IMG_3278 IMG_3281 IMG_3282

This morning I decided to make one last batch of cookies for my lab members. I tried a new recipe that had no flour in it. The first batch failed. The cookies pancaked out into thin sheets so I decided to make it more of a brownie cake which luckily worked out! I left it in lab for everyone to eat tomorrow.


I spent the afternoon shopping with Gul Abla. She took me to all her regular shops so the worker gave us great deals and tons of food. It was wonderful to walk the streets of Eskisehir one last time. Each street was crowded with people, just the way I like it and I took advantage of the little Turkish I know to make conversation with Gul Abla’s friends.

The minibus!
Shopping with Gul Abla

After getting back I finished packing and am now sitting in the kitchen thinking about everything that has happened the past two months. In the past two months I have become more independent than I thought I was capable of being, made friends and relations that will last a life time, laughed nonstop, been introduced to a new culture and language, and begun to get a grasp of the enormity of the fight for food security.  In my worries of leaving all my family in Eskisehir, I have thought little about the excitement of coming home.

In a little bit I will have to say goodbye to Umit Bey. Tomorrow morning Around 5 I will say my last goodbyes to Joe and Kubra before leaving for a train to Ankara. I will spend the day in the city and the head office and stay with Dr. Amer and his family for the night. Tuesday morning, I get on a flight home. If all goes well I will be in Cedar Rapids at roughly 8:30 PM local time.


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