A Long Day in the Field

Monday August 3rd,

I delivered a fresh plate of cookies to Kubra this morning and wished her a happy birthday in Turkish. Seeing how much the lab members enjoyed the cookies last week, I brought a plate to lab as well.


I met Busra Abla at lab and welcomed her back from a week’s vacation on the beach. It was nice to have her back!

Sevil Hanim, Ekrem Abhi, Umit Bay, and I headed to the field right away. There are six main fields. Two each for crown rot, cereal cyst nematodes, and root lesion nematodes. One field is a control and the other is inoculated with the respective soil pathogen. The crown rot fields are complete so we no longer need to protect the stems and roots for the visual rating. Now we are harvesting the other plots and collecting soil samples to get data on yield and resistance respectively,

The heat was unkindly and was beating down on us as we harvested. The forecast says there may be rain in the coming days which means even more work today.




For the three o’clock break, Gul Abla brought some of my cookies to the field and they were gone in minutes. One thing I have realized is almost every person in Turkey loves chocolate, especially the members of my lab.

Through our conversations I learned that a majority of the lab members I work with haven’t gone to college yet sending their kids to college is top priority. You obviously don’t need a college degree to be hospitable.

Every time I began to look tired from the work, Ekrem Abhi would look over at me or Umit Bay would begin singing and dancing just to get me laughing again. Sevil Hanim found an apple tree near our field and delivered crunchy, juicy, delicious apples later in the afternoon.


Finally at 9:30 I got back to the guest house. Joe sensed how tired I was after the 13 hour days and made me soup for dinner. After a cold shower and delicious meal, I went straight to bed.



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