Girl’s Day Out

Sunday August 2nd, Tomorrow is Kubra’s birthday so we decided to have a girl’s-day-out to celebrate. We took the minibus into town and went for a walk along the riverside.

This man is considered the beloved joker of Turkey and his statue can be found along the river side

At Es Park we did some serious shopping. Kubra decided to go into a store that I had been to earlier and I saw the international relations major, Ozgun (I met him a few weeks ago when I was shopping and he helped me pick out clothes). We were both surprised to see each other and had a nice chat while Kubra tried on the store’s contents. The shopping went on for a few hours and one of Kubra’s friends joined us. He very kindly offered to help us carry our shopping bags and joined us for lunch.

Es Park!
Ozgun and I while Kubra tries on clothes

IMG_3043 After a wonderful time in the city Kubra and I got back around 4. She thinks this is the extent of her birthday fun but after we got back I made chocolate chip cookies and decorated her door with Mickey Mouse balloons. Kubra is turning 22 and still loves Disney (but seriously, who can blame her?). Hopefully this will make up for her having to be away from her family on her birthday! IMG_3051


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