An Introduction to Classic Movies

Monday July 27th

Now that the initial cutting and grinding is done for Joe’s project, he spent the morning sorting and organizing the thousands of tubes he is dealing with while I began labelling envelopes. Harvest season will start in the next few days and the seeds for each plot are collected in labelled bags for future reference. That meant that I had to label hundreds and hundreds of envelopes rather quickly.

Since this is a fairly monotonous task, I was able to listen to music and watch movies. I was tempted to hit up my comfort movies like Harry Potter and Bollywood but decided it is finally time for me to get caught up on America classics. So of course, I turned to Joe who gave me a list of movies I should have seen years ago but never have. Fight Club, Shawshank Redemption, and Dodgeball were three I saw and I have to say that Shawshank Redemption beats Forest Gump in my books.

I would say today was quite productive!


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