A Wonderful Week

The rest of the week consisted of many of the same tasks. I rotated between weighing samples, labeling tubes, and placing shot gun pellets in the tubes. Joe and I had several interesting conversations ranging from family to racism and tensions with police in America. He introduced me to several famous comedians and bands he likes.

My happiness from Tuesday also carried into the rest of the week. Many interns introduced themselves to me. On Friday, a group of interns asked me to join them for lunch. Their moms make wonderful food that they share around a wood bench right outside of lab daily. The food was absolutely amazing. One dish was a sort of lentil paste eaten with lettuce and another item was a homemade bread filled with cheese. They tested my Turkish and took videos of me learning new phrases.


Both Joe and I worked most of the weekend. This week brought me even closer to my lab members and reminds me of how difficult it will be to say good bye.


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