Last Night With Fam

Tuesday July 14th

I worked with Ekrem Abhi and Sevil Hanim in lab, washing wheat plants and stripping the stems for crown rot quantification. We developed a chain system where Ekrem Abhir removed the plants from the tubes, Sevil Hanim washed the roots, and I stripped the stems and labeled the plants. As we worked Ekrem Abhi began saying random words he knew in English and we had a great time trying to translate back and forth.


After work I went on a quick run and called into an NHS meeting. I think this year’s senior service project will be extremely fun and a great way to bond the Kennedy class of 2016! At dinner we were having a great meal when I found out the fam is leaving for Adana very early tomorrow morning. Ramadan is almost over so everyone is going to their home for Bayram (Eid) celebrations. The good news is that they did find a house in the city center. Ümit Bay will be returning on Monday for work and the rest of the family will return to Eskisehir on August 1st.

For the past few weeks Melih has been asking me to do a dance performance for all of them. The timing never worked out, but today I decided I had to because it could be a while before I see them again. By this point Joe had joined us to spend time with the fam on their last night. We all went down to the big room on the main floor. Joe did a bit of a jig and then I performed about 2 minutes of a classical dance. I think they enjoyed it but a few minutes later a man walked into the room and asked us to stop. I didn’t realize, but the room we were dancing in is right above the prayer room in the basement and my loud footwork for the dance was disrupting them. I felt so bad! My lack of interaction with anyone else at the guest house sometimes makes me forget there are other people there.

We quickly went back to the kitchen where we shared stories and laughs. At the end of the night Cennet Abla gave me a necklace they had bought in the city today. They insisted it was a gift for Bayram 🙂

IMG_2710 IMG_2716


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