Back to Lab

Monday July 13th,

I caught up on sleep over weekend and made a full recovery. It was great to be back with the fam. They made a special vegetarian meal for me the day I got back! I also got some groceries so I can go back to my routine of cooking for myself.

In lab I assisted with RLN extraction again and stripped wheat stems in the green house for crown rot quantification.

This is how the crown rot quantification is done

After work, I got a chance to take another run in the wheat fields. I explored the institute boundaries on one end, thought I got lost, and eventually got back to my room, so all in all it was an adventurous run.

There is a new intern who is staying at the guest house now, Kubra. She is from Adana like fam and in her 3rd year of college. She has been joining us for dinner and though we can’t talk well, I learned that she runs too. Kubra curiously watched as I made beans dish for dinner and we attempted to converse.


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