More Lab Experience

At the beginning of this week I continued the Root Lesion Nematode (RLN) extraction process that we began early last week. I also got to plant several wheat strains that are being tested for resistance to Cereal Cyst Nematodes (CCN). After planting, we inoculated each plant and set them in the growth room. After 9 weeks the soil will be washed and the cysts counted to determine the resistance. We continued to harvest in the green house  as well.

IMG_2397 IMG_2414

Over all I have become much closer with the members of my lab. They truly have become family and recently fought over who was my ‘mom’ and ‘dad’! Their hospitality is outstanding and despite the language barrier we are able to have wonderful conversations ranging from the weather to religion.

Off late I have regularly been eating dinner with Ümit Bay and his family. Cennet Abla and the kids are going back to Adana (there home town) in a week and they won’t be coming back :(, so I am trying to spend as much time with them as possible.

Today I went to the field and collected soil samples of areas known to be infected with RLN for further analysis. There are cherry trees right next to the field; after a grueling few hours, I got to pick cherries and eat them fresh!


Tomorrow, I will try fasting for the cultural experience. So I won’t have food or water till 8:40… We will see how strong my will power is. (Apparently an intern a few years ago fasted for 17 days!)


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