A Perfect Weekend

The past few days have been great! On Thursday and Friday I continued collecting cysts and observed Ümit Bay sterilize carrots and then inoculate them with root lesion nematodes (RLN). RLN can be cultured for future use but cereal cyst nematodes (CCN) cannot. That is why we continuously have to wash soil samples and collect the CCN.

With the steady Wi-Fi we have now, I have been able to text and FaceTime friends and family. It is wonderful to stay in-touch with friends at home and abroad, even though I am so far away.

On Saturday I went to the city with Volkan and Özgür (the men from the lab who introduced themselves earlier this week). They took me back to the old city where we went into the hand-crafted bazaar. This time I was allowed to enter a workshop and see a man craft an ornate pipe. It was breath-taking to see his seeming ease in constructing such a masterpiece.


The mosque we went to next was the one constructed in 1525. They explained to me that the men pray on the main open space on the ground floor while women pray in a smaller area upstairs.


After seeing these historical sites, we went to Es Park which is one of the largest and most modern malls in Eskisehir. We entered to find several stores with western clothing and found a movie theatre on the top floor. At this point we needed to start heading back so Özgür could continue an experiment at lab. On the way back we stopped at a famous ice cream store where they served the traditional baklava with amazing ice cream. It was interesting to hear American pop songs played (All about that Base by Meghan Trainor) followed by French music.


Once I got back to my room I spent a couple hours cleaning up and working on my research abstract before heading to the kitchen to have a wonderful pasta dinner made by Joe.


A few nights ago I found out that Joe had never seen or read any of the Harry Potter series (and he lived in London for two years)! Anyone who knows me understands my obsession with Harry Potter, so after dinner we had a movie night. A couple hours later, Joe had seen his first Harry Potter Movie. At the end of the movie I found out he hasn’t ever seen Frozen…

On Sunday I wanted to make dinner for my “host family” to show my appreciation for everything they have done for me. I tried using google translate to communicate this to Cennet Abla. I wasn’t able to tell if she said “thank you but don’t do this for us” or if she was agreeing so I decided to make the food anyway. Come dinner time, I had prepared a full meal and Cennet Abla had done the same so we had a feast!

IMG_2355 IMG_2364IMG_2374

It was a great weekend!


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