An Adventure

June 21, 2015

First off, Happy Father’s Day to the best dad ever 🙂


This morning I made a stir-fry curry and rice. It truly is so amazing to have basmati rice again. I also attempted to work out. There isn’t a gym facility here so I resorted to using a jump rope. Around 10:30 Joe and I decided to head to the market to find a Wi-Fi hotspot. The institute is on the very outskirts of Eskisehir so we had to take a minibus into the city center. Once we got there we randomly chose a direction to walk in, keeping our eyes peeled for a phone store. After about a 10 minute walk we saw an internet café. Luckily the man in there spoke English and kindly directed us to where we could find phone stores. I think we made one wrong turn so Joe and I wandered around the city for a while. The first few phone stores we saw were all closed because it is Sunday. We figured we wouldn’t be able to do much so we continued exploring the city, going in to small alleys filled with stores. There were a multitude of bakeries and women’s clothing stores with what looked like prom dresses. What’s great about Eskisehir is that if you are willing to walk a little you can get to most places in the city and it is aesthetically beautiful.

IMG_2201 IMG_2205

(excuse the bad picture quality, I technically wasn’t allowed to take pictures of their dresses)

Finally we hit an area with several open phone stores. At each one we attempted to explain what we were looking for and eventually got the response that they didn’t carry Wi-Fi hotspots. At one store, a man suggested going to a large shopping mall that may have what we were looking for. The mall was huge with 6 levels, each one housing different merchandise. The basement level had all kinds of pet stores. There were birds, bunnies, fish, etc. The first floor had at least 10 clothing stores, mainly for women. Each store had very grand and elaborate dresses (I can’t imagine why they need so many stores with the same type of fancy clothing). After asking around at different stores for another half hour, we were told to go to the fourth floor. There we saw a techy store. When we asked for a Wi-Fi Hotspot, for the first time all day we got a yes. To use the Wi-Fi Hotspot we need a sim card from Turkey and to get that we need to have our passport. So our plan is to come back tomorrow, hopefully with Gul Abla, and get this Wi-Fi situation figured out. Though we weren’t able to get the hotspot, we got to explore a lot of the city so Joe and I rated the trip an 8 out of 10.

We got back to the Guest House at 2 and I decided to eat the lunch I prepared earlier today. Thanks to the rice, it tasted very good and left me full and satisfied. I am so glad the food situation has worked out!

Later, with Joe’s help I was able to use the washing machine so hopefully my clothes will be clean in about an hour!

Slowly but surely everything is coming together 🙂


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