Arrived in Ankara!

After those initial cobwebs were taken care of, the rest I my flight went smoothly.

I didn’t get much (really any) sleep on the flights but I found many movies and met more people. I also spent a good deal of time staring out the window at the beautiful sights.

IMG_1922 IMG_1939

If you are reading this Madam Crowe and Mademoiselle Hullaby, I want u to know I got a chance to practice my French! I sat next to two kind ladies from Cameroon on one flight and once we got to know each other I learned they spoke French fluently. Of course this meant I had to try to converse with them in their native language. It was rough but I managed.

After a rushed connections and many hours sitting on a plane, I finally arrived in Ankara last night. I went to Dr. Amer Dababat’s house for the night. Dr. Amer Dababat and Dr. Gul Erginbas Orakci will be two of my mentors while I am here. Dr. Dababat left for Eskisehir two days ago, along with the PhD student and the professor from Australia. So I stayed with his wife Shaima Abla and kids, Luna, Ahmed, and Lareen. The family was very nice and after the kids got over their initial shyness, they put on a performance for me. Luna showed me her beautiful ballet skills and Ahmed performed a dance he had done at school a few days prior. Afterwards, they got their school books out to teach my a few basic phrases in Turkish that I hope to use while I am here.

After a restful night, I woke up this morning and taught the kids how to play Uno, which we proceeded to play with Shaima Abla for the rest of the morning. Later in the day I came to the CIMMYT office, which is where I am writing this blog post. I got a chance to meet most of the staff, all of whom were very welcoming. I don’t have any work here but just came to get acquainted with the others.

In a few hours, I will get on a high speed train to Eskisehir where I will be spending most of my time this trip. I am very excited to finally meet Dr. Amer Dababat and Dr. Gul Erginbas Orakci!


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