A Baking Disaster

A part of culture is food, and this is a point that has been iterated on this blog multiple times. Often recipes are sent down the family line, hence the ever common term ‘Grandma’s Recipe’. Cookbooks also used to be a common household item. However, more and more people are getting recipes in less conventional manners these days. With YouTube how-to videos, Pinterest, and other social media site, recipes are being shared all around. YouTube videos can teach you how to make anything from a chocolate cheesecake pie to a traditional Indian curry.  Personally any time I want to make a dessert, I look on the Dessert board of my Pinterest page.

So Thursday night, during a period of creativity, I decided to make cream cheese strawberry cookies. This is the picture I saw on Pinterest and it looked delicious so I thought why not give it a try.


I got all the ingredients I needed and proceeded to carefully make the cookies, trying not to make a mess (I am well known for my messy baking). Everything was going smoothly and the cookie dough tasted sweet and wonderful. What could go wrong right? … WRONG!  As I was putting the cookie dough on the pan, my mom was helping clean up and she noticed that there was the same number of butter sticks as there had been before I began baking. I FORGOT to add butter to the cookies.

Trying not to panic I tried to mix some butter into the remaining dough and I have to say it seemed to combine perfectly. Disaster averted right? … WRONG AGAIN! The cookies pancaked out in the oven, becoming flat and colorless and then they had a spongy texture. I was devastated, the original plan had been for me to take these to a class party but I was no longer sure if I wanted to present this disaster. My parents tried the cookies and said they still tasted alright, but that was probably just the comforting, reassuring parenting in them.

In the end I did decide to take them my class Friday. Though the texture was off, most people enjoyed the taste and those who didn’t hear the disastrous story behind the cookies, said they were delicious.

The take away message from this story is not to get too discouraged when things don’t work out. If it’s not this time, there is almost always a second chance and who knows, maybe you are simply being too critical about yourself.


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