Every Kid’s Dream


Piccadilly Square is the Times Square of London. The square is full of life at any time of day with improve musical and dance performances. Boutiques, restaurants, and stores line the streets. The latest curved-screen TVs are mounted on the top of the high rising buildings, advertising business logos and local shows. All in all the place is lively and exciting, the perfect place to be on a Saturday night. With the variety of stores there is something for everyone. High-end retailers provide business wear for adults, ethic restaurants offer fire works for the palate, and toy stores provide entertainment for all.

Personally the two highlights of the square are Hamleys (the most amazing toy store ever) and M&M World (who even knew there was such a thing)! Walking into Hamleys feels like entering Fred and George’s magic store in Harry Potter. The latest technology is used to make self-flying toy drones, magically-hovering balls, scratch pads for kids to explore their artistic skills, and boomerangs that never fail to come back to you. When entering the store, enthusiastic employees shoot bubbles everywhere and show off the coolest new toys. Multiple demonstrations run on every level of the five story building. Magic tricks are in one corner, self-swimming mechanized frogs are in another, and colored water that pulsates to the beat of your music is in another.  As if this wasn’t enough, the top floor had Lego replicas of the royal family right next to a Harry Potter world. Walking in I felt like an amazed five year-old, unable to keep my hands off any of the toys and staring in awe at everything I passed. No matter how old you are, Hamleys is a must if you go to Piccadilly Square.


A close second to Hamleys is M&M World. Entering the store, I couldn’t believe I had spent the last 16 years of my life clueless to the fact that there existed an M&M World. I walked in to the delicious smell of chocolate, and found myself in a room with ever possible color of M&Ms. There were M&M Easter eggs, M&M treasure chests, M&M dispensers, M&M hot chocolate, M&M clothing, M&M mugs, and more. Even I, the world’s greatest chocolate lover, was overwhelmed.

These may sound childish, or for young families, but trust me when I say these are must-see places in London!


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