Stay Protected

Social media makes everyone more interconnected and in many ways it is phenomenal. As I have mentioned on this blog many times before, social media helps me stay in touch with friends and family anywhere around the world. There are, however, some adverse effects of theses social media sites, typically the concern regard exposing too much information. Every teenager has been warned a thousand times not to post anything they will regret because employers check social media before hiring a candidate. Privacy breeches or individuals’ lack of awareness about privacy settings on social media has put personal information in the hands of unwanted strangers. Furthermore, some users friend individuals who they have little to no real-life connection with. These bad practices have led to individuals being robbed and kidnapped. Now whenever a social media account is made, individuals are warned against sharing too much personal information. This can become extremely hard for individuals excited to share information with their friends far and near.

Many schools are on spring break this week or next week. While many families stay home, some travel. For those who are traveling, it is extremely tempting to share that excitement on Facebook or Twitter but recent stories have indicated that skilled robbers scour the internet for this information and rob houses when their tenants are out. PLEASE DO NOT POST INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR TRIP UNTIL YOU HAVE RETURNED HOME.

There are several measures that can be taken to ensure safety while you are out.

1)Having a home security system is obviously the best preventative measures; not only will authorities be informed immediately if there is a robbery, but security cameras will capture footage making it far easier to track the robbers.

2) Have a reliable family member or friend check on the house every few days, both to water any plants and to make sure that nothing in the house looks awry.

3) Set random alarms in the house. This way if a robber does come and hears an alarm go off, they may be fooled into believing that someone is home. This is usually enough to send the robber running.

4) If you are inspired by the Home Alone movie series, booby-trap your entire house 🙂

After you have taken all these preventative measures, enjoy your trip. Take the time to explore new regions and cultures, and take a breath from you daily schedule and hectic lives!


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