Spring Break

For many students Spring Break is either this week or next week. This break is treasured by all students because it gives everyone a chance to unwind from their hectic school lives. Many families take this opportunity to travel to new places, or revisit past memories, but for those of you staying home all week long, you are luck too. There is nothing like the safety and comfort of your own home. Though you live there, many students don’t get a chance to truly be home during the school year because of homework, activities, school, and work.

Break is the perfect time to catch up with your family and regain all the free time you have missed.

For all of you book lovers, visit your local library and digest all the latest books. I have begun reading Oliver Sacks’s work. Though this originally began as a homework assignment, I find his writing and the case studies he presents, fascinating. This neuroscientist examines odd and somewhat rare diseases in the brain that result in some pretty peculiar situations, whether it is a blind person experiencing vivid hallucinations, or a man mistaking his wife for a hat.

For all of you movie lovers, the Oscars announced all of the best movies for last year so you can watch Selma, Birdman, The Imitation Game, Boyhood, among other great films. A popular new movie coming out this Friday is Insurgent, the second movie in the Divergent series. Break is also a nice time to re-watch all the great classic comfort movies whether that is The Proposal, Bridesmaid, Harry Potter, or Star Wars.

For all of you who love spending time with your friends and family there are many creative things you can do together over break. Baking and cooking together unites a family like nothing else and it is always nice to add some variety to you daily food. All of you can visit that new place in town or simply sit back and share stories with each other.

All, in all, break is the perfect time to unwind. Even if you aren’t traveling anywhere exotic, you can make the best of it!


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