The Oscars!

Every year people in over 150 countries convene to watch the Oscars. This amazing award ceremony recognizes and appreciates the hard work put into motion pictures that convey important messages and provide entertainment for our Friday nights. Tonight I had a great time watching the Oscars. While I unfortunately haven’t gotten the chance to watch many of the movies nominated tonight, I now have a very good idea of what my weekend entertainment will be for the next few months!

I was initially impressed with Neil Patrick Harris’s opening number. It was amazing to see him include various bits of information about movies in his song. Furthermore, I was really impressed with the use of technology to give the impression that Neil Patrick Harris was in various scenes of movies. Overall he did a wonderful job of hosting the Oscar’s. His entertaining medium kept the audience engaged and kept them anticipating the next event. I also enjoyed the performance of “Everything is Awesome”. This song reminded me of last summer and all the joy the Lego movie brought me. But my favorite part of the entire night was the performance of Glory by John Legend and Common. The emotionally powerful performance made their passion evident and brought tears to many peoples’ eyes. The song elicited emotions about events from the March to D.C. to Ferguson. The standing ovation they received represented how far America has come from the 1950s.

Watching the Oscars, I also became convinced that the following movies are a must watch:

  1. Birdman
  2. American Sniper
  3. The Imitation Game
  4. Boyhood

This year I believe the Oscars were the best they have ever been. The thank you speeches hit on deep issues that should no longer be hid under the table. I was moved but the performances and came to value the impact of each movie. I hope you got a chance to watch these!


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