A Tribute to Bob Simon

For those of you who regularly read this blog you have probably noticed that 60 minutes makes its way onto my blog quite frequently. After having watched 60 minutes for most of my life I have developed the feeling that the reporters are a part of my extended family. So last Wednesday when I heard that Bob Simon had passed away, my family I were extremely sad. This loss was significant for all the people Simon had worked with.

Having reported in over 130 countries, he was known and is now being mourned by people all around the world. Last Sunday as I watched Bob Simon’s last story, I realized how much I appreciated his journalistic style and story-telling way of explaining issues. While covering potential cures for Ebola he conveyed his passion for any story and inquisitive style of interviewing. Asking unique questions, he uncovered all sides of the story.

Today on the special edition of 60 Minutes, Bob Simon was commemorated and his colleagues were interviewed. The resonating theme was that Mr. Simon was a courageous man who never turned down an assignment to travel and report a story. When Bob Simon joined 60 Minutes, he had the opportunity to explore his interests and passions. This led to multiple stories about music and classical compositions. But Mr. Simon’s ability to truly cover any story gave him a wide range of topics from chess champions to wild animals, Bob Simon did it all.  Mr. Simon didn’t even shy away from stories that could threaten his life. He was a foreign correspondent during many wars. Of all the risky situations Bob Simon got himself into it was tragic for him to lose his life in a car accident. While investigations are still pending the current information states that Bob Simon was in a taxi when the driver suffered from cardiac arrest. After crashing into the car next to it the taxi veered into a barricade. The taxi driver broke both legs and arms but made it out alive while Bob Simon. Was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. Tonight I look forward to 60 minutes special edition on Bob Simon where his colleagues on 60 Minutes will reminisce over him and his career.

The last time I was this sad about a 60 Minutes cast member, was when Andy Rooney passed away in 2011.

We truly will miss this great reporter and his many talents.


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