When humans began migrating at the formation of civilization, cultural assimilation was inevitable. Over the years, as transportation has become ever easier, the globe is turning into a melting pot where enclaves of individual cultures are becoming much harder to find. Part of the outcome is a variety of rich culture and heritage that everyone is able to experience, however, unfortunately, part of this is also includes animosity among cultures and religions as extremist attempt to exterminate anyone with opposing views.

This latter of the two outcomes became evident in this past week with the terrorist attacks in France. As many of you already know, the satirical magazine company Charlie Hebdo published a caricature of the Muslim prophet Muhammad that was offensive to many Muslims. A few extremists, in the name of Islam entered the company headquarters early this week and opened fire, killing 12 people. Awaking other sleeper cells in the region, that Thursday, hostages were held at a supermarket. The sudden outbreak of violence has shocked the work and put the French government on high alert. Above all, these actions have raised the debate of freedom of speech once again. This right so coveted globally has caused many lives to be lost unjustly. Thus, people are marching in streets all around the world chanting Je Suis Charlie to emphasize the importance of freedom of speech.

je suis charlie

If you find yourself in Paris, France this week, expect to see world leaders, and French citizens filling the streets. These people have come to show the terrorists that unity is stronger than hate. The marchers’ moods turn from somber during the day, in lui of the 17 lives lost this week, to cheerful at night as people refuse to let the terrorists instill terror into their daily lives.

Even amongst the profound events of this last week, life goes on in the vibrant city of Paris. As NPR correspondent mentioned, while observing the marches midway up the Eiffel tower, a Spanish man proposed to his girlfriend. Though to an outsider this may seem inappropriate for the current times, this is what the city of Paris wants. Many other tourist attractions remain open in the city of life and love. The goal is to promote equality and liberty by continuing to live life as it should be.


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