Restored Alliance with Cuba

In December President Obama announced that relationships will be restored with Cuba. After over half a century of hostility, following the Cold War, it has finally been deemed that the outdated, detrimental policy that severed ties between the two countries will be replaced by attempts to form a solid alliance.

Cubans are rejoicing this declaration. When the announcement was made, classes were stopped and students we told the ground breaking news. Some have even begun to hang American flags alongside their Cuban flags at home. Many are excited at the opportunity to modernize and get things we view as common necessities like Wi-Fi. Students at an American-run music school expressed their eagerness to begin commerce with America so they could get new instruments and reeds for their instruments that are not 45 years old. The citizens of Cuba are now eagerly awaiting a progressive and modernized society.

For American’s this change means the ability to travel to an island that has made a conscious effort to restore vintage looks and commodities. While the islands preservation of an antiquated life style up till this point has hindered its own progress, it is a fascinating experience for any American.

In lui of the recent events, if you are planning a visit to the island, there is much to do. Simply by walking down the street and observing the architecture and vehicles, Americans can learn a lot. The vehicles in operation have stopped production over 50 years ago, so walking in the streets you may see one of these…

vintage car

The beautiful beaches are also open for a peaceful days at the unpolluted lakes. Many water sports are offered at these locations. The water is so clear you can see your feet when you are standing.


Exploring the local plaza with overwhelm you with a mix of lively music, dancing, and quaint stores.


If you are seeking an outdoor adventure, you can go bird watching, diving, fishing, and more in the well preserved natural forests and lakes. You can even take an adventure on horseback, which is a common way to view the countryside in Cuba.


The location of Cuba gives it a unique atmosphere, perfect for your tropical vacation. And while all of this seems amazing to travelers, the local economies will be boosted with the new industry. Thus rebuilding ties with Cuba will be mutually beneficial.


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