Safe Travels

snowy road

As everyone begins to travel for the holidays, it is important to keep the weather forecast in mind. At this time of year, there are often unexpected snow blizzards, freezing rain, and unplowed streets. Recently I had the terror of driving in fresh snow. It may not look slick but I assure you it is.

As the snow came down that Saturday evening, I found myself going 35 on the highway, struggling to see the white lines hidden under the layers of snow. The brakes seemed to enjoy ‘sledding’ in the snow. They truly refused to listen to my foot as they played with the snow like I did as a child. Later as I tried to make a turn, the wheels themselves seemed to slide on the ice, with a mind of their own. Finally 40 minutes later I completed a car ride that should have lasted less than 15 minutes. Despite how long the car ride took me, at least I reached my destination safely.

That day I was on my way to the hospital where I volunteer at the Emergency Desk. That night it was evident that the roads were slick; every 15 minutes we would get a new motor vehicle crash. When you wind up in the hospital with a bad sprain or worse, it makes you think twice about whether the minute you would have saved by going fast was truly worth it.

Looking at this week’s weather forecast, it looks like the Midwest will be getting a mix of rain and snow right before Christmas. While it is nice to have snow on the ground for a beautiful white Christmas there are the driving risks as well. So just to be safe, either stay home and make delicious chocolate-chip cookies for Santa, or book-in extra time for your travels according to the road conditions.

Happy Holidays!


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