Road Trip Tips for Families

road trips

It’s getting to that time of year when people are traveling to be with their families for the holiday. So on a 10 hour car ride to grandma’s house, how do you keep peace without dying of boredom? Well as I have discovered over the years, there are many things to do and games you can play.

Often with everyone’s busy schedules, even families who live together spend little time together and thus know little about each other’s lives. So it is always good to start the ride off by just talking about what you have been up to. If you tend to be chatty like me, be careful not to dominate conversation and give others a chance to speak. But there is only so long that everyone wants to list to each other, so once you have reached the end of your conversation, it may be time to listen to NPR (national public radio) and get updated on the current events of the world, or jam out to classic holiday music.

If your family is anything like mine, we quickly resort to family games. A popular game is what is colloquially referred to as the Word Game or Last Letter Game. In this simple game, a category is picked and one person starts with a word relating to that category. The next person has to state another fitting word that starts with the last letter of the previous word (ex. Category: Animals cat, tiger, rabbit, etc.). One tip: try to make all your words end with the last letter to stump your opponent quickly.

Another game that can be played as a family is the Alphabet game. In this game each participant tries to find words that have a certain letter in them and they have to go in order. Road signs, license plates, and building names are all viable options. The first one to reach z wins. (My brother and I have spent many hours playing this game! J, X, and Z tend to be the most challenging letters.)

Singing is yet another option. In a Riff-off there are two or more teams and one group starts with any song. The other group can then jump in with any song that uses the same word.

Eventually once you have exhausted these games, it may be time for a short nap, reading a book, or playing individual games like hand-solitaire. With these quick tips, you will be at Grandma’s house in no time, happy, rested, and ready for the holidays!




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