As I was writing to my last blog post, and jamming Pandora, a series of songs from the movie Frozen came on. Though Frozen is a Disney movie meant for children, it has really stuck with me and the songs bring back many memories for me. While I sang the songs I remembered spring break the previous year. My family took a trip to Lacrosse, Wisconsin to celebrate my cousin Gowri’s fifth birthday. She was in a phase of Frozen craze and her grand gift was a Frozen bed. So when we got there that night, we played with her for several hours, wearing her down to exhaustion. Around nine I put her to bed in her parents’ room, telling her a bedtime story and burying her under a heap of warm, fuzzy blankets. As soon as we had determined that she was sound asleep, my brother, her brother, and I went to her bedroom and began assembling the bed. We navigated through the instruction manual, amazed that a bed could be so complicated. Slowly the bed began to come together, and four hours later, at 1 am we finally finished. Basking in the glory of this victory, we invited the parents upstairs who marveled at the finished product. Exhausted ourselves, we all called it a night. The next morning when we woke up, we had a tasty breakfast and decided to watch frozen. All four of us kids crowded around my lap top and watched the movie we all loved. It was adorable when Gowri sang along to the songs in a sweet and elated voice. Two hours later when the movie had finished, we had Gowri close her eyes, and we led her to her bed room. The joy on her face when she saw the bed was priceless. She immediately climbed under the covers, unable to believe that the she would get to sleep in the world of Frozen every night. We had a great time with her that weekend. I truly love music. Not only is it enjoyable to listen to, but as these past few blogs have shown, music bring back a plethora of memories and introduces a new way for people to travel.


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