Molly’s Cupcakes

Sticking with this week’s theme about Iowa City and all things related, let us take a magical trip to a local business with the best cupcakes you have ever eaten. Molly’s Cupcakes, ranked among the top 10 in the nation, has a reputation for a wide variety of cupcake flavors, and savory treats that leave you longing for more. The cute store is wedged in the midst of a strip of stores opposite to the Pentacrest on the University of Iowa campus.

The store has warm furniture with soft round curves and innovative designs. The smells are ever-welcoming. Besides the cupcakes, there are also a variety of coffees that are brewed at the same location. The swing seats also serve as a fun entertainment for kids who run through the doors daily, dragging the parents, the store’s real business, with them.

To give you an idea, there is a crème brûlée cupcake, s’mores cupcake, a cookie monster cupcake, and many more varieties. The ganache toppings are thick, rich, and creamy, adding to the taste of the cupcakes.

Overall the quaint shop and delicious cupcakes truly convinces me that Molly’s Cupcakes is top in the nation. On my most recent visit to the store, I ordered a chocolate raspberry cupcake, savoring the contrast of the sweet chocolate with the bitter sweetness of the texturized raspberries inside the cupcake. I felt like I had taken a trip to heaven and back after I finished that cupcake. The only evidence of there ever being a cupcake was a little chocolate around my mouth J. If you ever get the chance, I would strongly recommend visiting a Molly’s Cupcakes, near you!


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