Schools constantly attempt to upgrade and improve their current systems. This year my school made quite a dramatic change and introduced what is called S.M.A.R.T lunch. This idea was adopted from other schools like Wake County. S.M.A.R.T Lunch is an 80 minute period in the middle of the school day when students can eat while attending tutorials, lectures, or seminars to enhance their learning opportunities. To start off our lecture series, this Wednesday, Sebastian De Pascuale, a graduate student at the University of Iowa, came to my high school and gave a talk about his research and the path he took to get to his current position. As a junior in high school, I am finally beginning to think about my future, including my college and career options. Mr. Pascuale’s talk, helped me understand how a person’s passions and dreams can all tie together and provide that person with a bright future. Keeping his audience in mind, Mr. Pascuale discussed how his passion for science was ignited and how he nurtured that interest. In the lecture, he took us through his journey. He first got interested in outer space when he went to an observatory in high school. From there, he went to college in Grinnell, researched in California for a summer, and ended up at the University of Iowa for graduate school. Throughout the talk, Mr. Pascuale emphasized the importance of seeking out opportunities and appreciating each chance. Though he initially started with a passion in astrology, he fine-tuned that interest to focus specifically on astro-physics. He is now working towards his doctoral thesis. In the question and answer session following his talk, I asked Mr. Pascuale about how he decided on which colleges to apply to and ultimately which one to attend. In his animated discussion, he took me through his journey, and gave me insight as to what to really value in a college. This experience has helped me get a better understanding for my future and how to go about setting my path. player_DePascuale_0062-hs


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