A Little Trip to Runner’s Heaven

Last week after an exhausting cross country practice, I took a little trip to every runner’s heaven, Running Wild. You walk into the small shop to see every imaginable type of running shoe lined up against one wall. The interior is crowded with various running apparel (running tights, dry-fit t-shirts, socks, you name it, they have it). Recently I had been experiencing a fair amount of pain on my runs and my endorphins were not compensating. I felt the start of shin-splints (every runner’s nightmare) and my feet were falling asleep when I was running. I don’t know about you, but I think it is pretty strange to have your feet fall asleep when you run, and I can assure you that it is not a very pleasant feeling. 1000 needles stabbing your feet with every step on an 8 mile run, isn’t something I wanted to relive. So after practice, I decided to go on this little adventure.

As much as I loved my running shoes, they were worn past use; but the familiar cushion and style is something I have become accustomed and attached to in my past 3 years of high school cross country. So I walked in knowing that I wanted the Asics Gel Cumulus. I knew not to get entirely attached to the current look of my shoe because each generation slightly differs in model. Also, for as great of a store as Running Wild is, they tend to only carry one color of every shoe.

When I walked in I was greeted by a friendly helper, passionate about running. Knowing exactly what I wanted, I asked him to get me the latest model of the Asics Gel Cumulus. After measuring my foot and determining that my feet hadn’t grown in the slightest (short for life), he walked back with a stunning white and purple shoe. He warned me that as soon as I put the shoes on, it would feel like I was on a cloud because of the wear-and-tear of my previous shoes. He was right, I stood up to take a quick jog on the sidewalk outside and felt amazing.

In the course of just 15 minutes I had walked into the store, gotten the perfect shoe, and was driving home. That is what I love about Running Wild. Hopefully my pains will finally be assuaged with these new shoes!

Asics Gel Cumulus


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