Increasing Global Interconnectivity

I often take for granted the interconnectivity of our world. I don’t think twice about how easy it is to communicate with others, no matter how large the physical gap may be. As sad as my family was to say goodbye to my brother yesterday, within 8 hours, he had landed in England and called us to let us know that everything had gone smoothly. When I learn about colonial America at school, the long, arduous, painful journey is explicitly described in the textbook. It took individuals over 2 months to cross the Atlantic and make it to the eastern coast of America. Now with a single flight, one can travel from Midwest America to London in just 8 hours. Communication efficiency has also greatly increased. Instead of having to wait months to get a hand-written letter from my brother, letting us know everything is alright, we found out minutes after he had landed. With iphones, FaceTime allows us to communicate with one another face to face. As sad as I was to say goodbye to my brother, I appreciate the technologies available in our day and age. Any time I miss my brother, I can just pick up a phone and call, FaceTime, or Snapchat him to stay in touch.iphone6Snapchat



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