A Flashback

The Onam celebrations of last weekend, reminded me of my trips to India. After returning home, I sat in my room and had a flashback to two years ago when we had gone to my grandmother’s house in Kerala, India …

Mesmerized, I watched the torrent outside. It was a busy and typical day. In the kitchen I hear the clatter of pots, as an aromatic, traditional, Kerala meal is being made. In the living room I hear the blaring T.V. playing its endless soap operas and their dramatic music. And as always, the excited chatter of a family playing cards. The clutter and chaos comfort me, as it reminds me that I am surrounded by my loving family. In the distance, I hear my grandmother calling, “Mola ninaki veshakanundo ( Are you hungry)”? Followed by warm smells of home cooked food drifting up to my nose. My younger cousin sits next to me, paying little attention to the monsoon rains or the bustle of a typical day in Kerala, India. Accustomed to this lifestyle, she draws my attention away from the window and takes me to the dining table. There, we all crowd around and devour the appam and egg curry (this is a typical breakfast where a rice cake is served with a curry made up of hardboiled eggs, tomatoes, and caramelized onions). After eating till my stomach is about to burst, we take a quick trip to a local grocery store, where I get a chance to practice my Malayalam (the local language) as I buy milk for the morning round of coffee and tea. Once the coffee is prepared we all sit on the couches in the living room and let conversation flow. It often switches back and forth between Malayalam and English and I gaily participate, trying to catch a few Malayalam bits here and there.

Suddenly, a crash of thunder and a bolt of lightning, bring me back from my flashback. I laughed to myself at how the little things connect the two worlds. For a moment I felt as though I was back in Kerala with the rain.



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